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Commercial Title Loan

Commercial-title-loan Is a vehicle title lender that specializes in commercial vehicle title loans. Depending on your locality, these loans are sometimes referred to as car title loan, vehicle title loans, title pawns, or auto title loans.

Title Loan

title loan is a loan secured with the title to the automobile serving as the collateral. The use of the automobile as collateral is not only limited to title loans. Many lenders accept the vehicle or automobile as collateral to back the loan repayment. At Commercial-title-loan, automobiles, which are considered as secondary assets in secured loans are used to back the loan repayment. An auto title loan is loans that are gotten for a small amount of money within a short period of time by giving the lender the title of your automobile.  You can always reach us at 803-396-0910

Title Loans Approval

The loan provider retains the title to the vehicle but not the vehicle itself. The borrower has the freedom to use the vehicle any way he likes, provided he keeps the vehicle in a very good condition. One of the basic prerequisites for the loan is that the borrower must have a clear title to the vehicle. The borrower will be required to provide documents proving the ownership of the automobile at the time of the loan approval.

Loan repayment is usually due in 30 days but there are times whereby the days are elongated when the borrower have no money to pay yet. The lender can then, fix a new date for the payment. If the borrower is unable to pay the loan at this time, the loan can be rolled over into a new loan with more interest. This can become very costly and can put the borrower in a lot of trouble with lots of loan replacement and obligations on his head.

Commercial-title-loan differs from another type of auto loan provider in that they provide immediate cash loans for commercial vehicle titles, such as trucks, delivery trucks, semi-trucks, and vans. They also provide car title loans for personal vehicles.

Steps to Get the Loan

Getting a commercial vehicle title loans is much easier with us; it takes just three steps for you to get a loan

  1. Provide the clear vehicle title to your commercial truck, delivery truck, semi-truck, delivery van, bus, or your commercial vehicle.
  2. Call our customer care number to be connected to the nearest lending office to you or simply fill out the online application and wait for a loan officer to contact you.
  3. Get your cash fast using your vehicle’s title as collateral.

Before proceeding with the loan, we will consider the value of your car to know the actual worth of it. The amount of loan you can get depends on the

  1. Value of your car
  2. Amount of cash
  3. Your ability to pay the loan.

Getting A Title Loan With Us!

In getting an auto title loan, you do not have to worry about a bunch of questions that are been asked when getting a loan from a bank, like what and why you need the money urgently. In getting a title loan at Commercial-title-loan, what we want to know are:

    1. The condition of your vehicle. Since the title loan is secured with the title to your vehicle, we will need to see your vehicle to be able to carry out a thorough evaluation of it.
    2. Proof of vehicle registration. To know if the vehicle actually belongs to you and if it is fully registered.
    3. Do you own the title to the vehicle? The title loan will not work out if the title to the vehicle does not belong to you or if it belongs to a third party.
    4. Do you have a driver’s license? We want to see your drivers license to take a look at your photo ID to see that it matches with the owner listed on the title and to know who we are working with.
    5. Proof of employment. Though your vehicle has been used as collateral for the loan. The proof of employment shows that you have a means of paying off the loan.
    6. Current utility bill to prove your residence. Most times your driver’s license does not have your current address. Your utility bill shows your current address since they are paid monthly.
    7. An extra key of the vehicle.

Vehicle Title Loans

Vehicle title loans provide loans to both those with poor credit or no credit at all.  The eligibility for a loan is not determined through credit evaluation like bank loans or other traditional loan providers. This makes car title loan the best option for car owners with little credit who do not meet the minimum score for loan eligibility.

Another main advantage of a commercial vehicle title loan is the low interest rate and flexible rates compared to other types of loans. The application is very simple with added security and it can be done anywhere provided you have an internet connection. Provided your vehicle, truck, semi-truck, van, or delivery truck has a valid title, you can use them as collateral on Commercial-title-loan.